Sweet Potato Vine Flowers

I've been growing Sweet Potato Vines in our pots and containers for more than ten years.  They're the 'spill' in the fill/thrill/spill trilogy and because of their price (cheap) and reliability (grow well even if I ignore them), they usually make the cut.    We have two different vines in two different large containers (wine barrels) and they are both flowering. I posted this photo initially over at my link blog

Here's a look at both wine barrels.  You can spot flowers on both.

They say the flowers resemble Morning Glories.  And they're, apparently rare.  From this post on the Walden Effect:
It turns out that sweet potato flowers are extremely unusual, and are actually in pretty high demand.  Since sweet potatoes are propagated vegetatively, it's hard to develop new varieties.  Blooms add an element of randomness to the plant's reproduction --- a lot of the seeds will probably turn into shoddy or mediocre plants, but one of the seeds might just turn out to be the next best thing in sweet potato land.
Take in all of our Sweet Potato Vine flowers in all their "morning glory".  (note...took this photo in the am, so it is technically morning, right?)

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